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Test Max Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.

Test Max Pte Ltd (Singapore) was established in 1986 as the first local manufacturer of Burn-In Test Probes for Semiconductor Industry.

Test Max Singapore has the capability of manufacturing and designing contact fingers and Kelvin sockets to meet stringent electrical testing requirements for most types of IC test handling equipment..


TestMax USA is proud to be a sales agent of these products.

TestMax USA is doing our part to go green and recycle.

The 24 Hour Waste Compost Machine (NOW BUILT IN STAINLESS STEEL WITH THE COVETED CE CERTIFICATION) will quickly compost all organic food scraps (as well as human or animal waste). Also works on meat bones, wood chips, sawdust, grass cuttings, coffee grounds, paper, flowers, leaves and wastewater. This custom-made, to fit your specific specifications, machine, will turn ANYTHING ORGANIC into organic compost within 24 hours. The compost can then be used on soil to greatly enhance the growth of plants. Most of the competition will only compost food scraps.

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TestMax USA,